Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Experience during sitting my first test

The day when we was told that the test is just around the corner, I feel really awkward because I rarely using English to speak with my friends. However, we was given a chance to practice in our group by our lovely lecturer Miss Syaz. It was a good practice as I can slightly improve my pronunciation. Even though, I am not sure about the rest of my team mate which are Zamri, Helmiey and Faris. During the test day, we was the first team so we are pretty stressed up on that day. However, Helmiey had a good pronunciations among us. We were lucky as all of us work together to back up each other when something goes wrong. I feel at relief after the speaking test was over and we manage to finish the test without any problem and all of us had put all their will into the test.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My dream women....

I wonder who is my dream woman. However, I think that she is someone that I will never forget. She is a nice women but she is not very pretty though. The main point is she is the kindhearted woman toward me. I do not know the specific reason for many girls to hate me. I think because I was too straight. Furthermore, I do not really well in talking especially with the opposite gender. This is one of my weaknesses as I have to speak up to them when the time needed. She will back me up and supported when I was numb. One day, I asked her to be my girl friend. Then, she rejected me without considering my feeling. Up until now, I still cannot forget her smiley face when she smiles toward me a long time ago.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The best thing that happen in my life????

Hhhmmmm... I wonder about it. However, the best thing that happen to me is I was born into this world with a good physical and health. Furthermore, I have a good and loving parents that never bored and neglect to take care of me even though I was always denying to help them when they need me. However, It was a long time ago because I have change after I was involve in a few accidents. The first accident was very dangerous as I did not wear any helmet during it happen and I was happy as I still given the chance to live by a few fractured bone. My parent took care of me during that time as I cannot walk or eat properly. That is best thing that happen to me because it changes my live and my attitude a bit.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

what i want to change about myself

I think want to change a few things about myself. First of all, I think I should change about myself is about my time management. It is because I cannot use it to the maximum level as I do not really appreciate time and let it pass through without much activity. I will try to improve it slowly. after that, I want to change the way I think about people especially my first impression. Then, I will try to be punctual as time is said to be as precious as gold. I will try to gradually change it.

how do i spend my mid semester break

I did spend my mid semester break in a usual way like every one else. It is begun in Thursday evening just before the holiday where I was joined a trip to Kuala lumpur and Cameron Highland for 3 days. The trip was organized by the entrepreneurship club. I had a good time there and I manage to bought some souvenirs for my family especially for my mother. Then, I have to help my mother to do some work at a few people houses by assembled the curtain rails and curtains. It took most of my holiday time because I have to do it once in the morning and once in the evening if it cannot be done in the morning. That is how I spend my mid semester holiday.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My experience being a UITMT student for a sem

I have registered into UITMT last semester as a student in faculty of chemical engineering. At first, I was numb because I did not believe that I have been accepted to be in university as this is the only offer letter came to my house other than collage offer latter. The moment I went to the class is really weird as I did not recognize many of them. However, I tried to make friend with them and now they are my friends. Up until now, I still think that the way to class is a bit far because we have to walk all the way from tenggol. Furthermore, the problem worsen when the rain come because we all well be soaking wet during our journey to class. Luckily, we do not have many problems as some of us brought here their bicycle so we could ask them for a lift. Besides, we have so much fun as we walk with our friends because we could know each other better. What happened on last semester will always be in my memory weather it is a good or a bad memory.